Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Witnesses at airstrike site dispute US claim over possible car bombs

No traces of secondary explosions were found at the site of the U.S. military air strike in Kabul, according to a China Media Group(CMG) reporter who visited the site on Monday.

The U.S. military Sunday launched air strikes with unmanned aircraft targeting the Afghan branch of the extremist organization ISIS-K in a residential area in the Afghan capital. Several U.S. officials said that the air strike aimed to destroy a car containing multiple suicide bombers.

The U.S. military claimed that it was the secondary explosions of the car bombs triggered by the air strike that caused a large number of civilian casualties.

However, local residents who witnessed the air strike offered pictures taken in the immediate aftermath of the incident to the CMG. They said that there were no signs of explosives in the car at that time, and believe the bombing by the U.S. troops caused the fatalities.

The U.S. air strikes have killed at least 10 people, including six children.

The incident has raised tensions among residents, who questioned if their neighbors, including the six children, had also became terrorists in the eyes of the Americans.

One of the deceased was said to be working for a foreign agency and had been waiting to be evacuated.

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