Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Stores on fire as protests in Portland turn violent following fatal police shootings across the country

Fires were seen in parts of downtown Portland late on Friday (April 16) after protesters gathered to protest police killings across the country.

Construction equipment and bins were set on fire near an Apple store in Portland, video from social media showed, with the fire later spreading to a nearby building. Video also showed police arresting protesters in the area.

Protesters were galvanised by a recent police killing of an unnamed man in Portland who was reportedly waving a replica gun and experiencing a mental health crisis.

Local media reported that protesters had gathered at the Portland park where the man was killed. “(It) definitely brought a lot more people out onto the streets, and inspired a lot more action than we would typically see,” said Grace Morgan, who filmed video of the protests.

Police killings over the past month have inflamed tensions across the country.

Daunte Wright, 20, was shot in a traffic stop in Minnesota after an officer drew her handgun instead of a Taser in what officials called an accident, while new bodycam footage showing the death of 13-year old Adam Toledo in Chicago prompted fresh protests against police brutality in the city.

(Production: Yi Shu Ng)



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