Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Major protests across US call for end to anti-Asian hate crime

Major protests took place in cities across the United States on Saturday over the distressing wave of violence against Asian people in the country, with many loudly calling for an end to anti-Asian hate crime.

The coordinated series of nationwide events were held under the banner of “Stop Anti-Asian Crime, Stop China Bashing”, with thousands hitting the streets to voice their anger at the spate of racist attacks which have been a frequent occurrence over the past year.

Many protesters say the spike in violence against Asian Americans is becoming unbearable and say enough is enough.

“I decided to come here today because our people are getting killed for no reason and in the media they’re not even calling it a racial hate crime. It’s like we don’t matter and that’s not true. It makes no sense. The attacks that we’ve been getting in our community – Asians in general, our seniors, our parents, our co-workers, our friends. That’s not OK,” said Annie Zhao, a protester in New York.

Many of the protesters were younger people who are angry that their parents and grandparents are among the vulnerable targets of such despicable attacks.

“I shouldn’t have to be worried about my mother being slashed or pushed in the streets. I shouldn’t have to be worried about getting stabbed going on the train. I’m a native New Yorker and for the first time in my life I carry around a hammer in my bag just in case I’m going to get attacked,” said Judy Chung, another protester.

President Joe Biden has said openly that attacks on Asians must stop, but many in the Asian community hold former President Donald Trump responsible for his “China Virus” rhetoric which has fueled ignorance and hate and sowed divisions.

“They talk about the West Nile Virus and the Hong Kong Virus but never the Wall Street virus. This country has abused so many people with the poor healthcare systems and they scapegoat China and Chinese people,” said Paul, another local protester.

The sad state of affairs has prompted active calls to appoint more Asians to senior jobs in public life and teaching more Asian history in high schools as some ways of countering the troubling rise in racism.



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